Are You Still Using Outdated Business Methods?

Let's connect to boost sales and marketing strategies. With our all-in-one email marketing and sales platform/CRM, you can improve your marketing and sales processes by adding more context and value to your communication.

About Us

We work like a magnet who attract your customers towards business with our professional expertise in sales and marketing. We will help you to add more customers to your business and multiply your sales growth. Helping companies to act like sales pro so don't miss any opportunity to expand the business.


Think of Stottack Technologies as your trusted partner for digital sales. We offer B2B Sales and Email marketing services that are tailored to help you boost your online presence and sales.

Account Based Marketing

The traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel is broken, and marketing is facing a revenue impact gap which account based marketing will fill up the gap and winning more bids in business.

B2B Business Generation

We use a combination of innovative lead generation methods, such as Online research, email marketing, data analysis, lead cleansing, nurturing, marketing collateral, and more, to help companies gain a competitive edge

Sales CRM

Our experienced sales resources and CRM are perfect for SME businesses who want to establish themselves and generate revenue quickly.

Business Consulting

Our team will help your organisation to find the gap in business planning, marketing, sales and operation and Re strategize with planning for clients’ success.

Outsourced sales support services to boost your business

Our sales professionals have extensive experience in closing deals and driving revenue. We’ll collaborate with you to devise a sales strategy that’s aligned with your business goals, and we’ll provide the resources you need to successfully implement it. Depending on your preferences, we can either 1) continue carrying the sales dialogue through to closing the sale or 2) provide you with our 0-10 level sales documentation so that your contracts are watertight.  

Why Choose Us?

We use the best lead generation and marketing strategies to source top opportunities for you

Data Driven Organisation

Standard of Excellence

Cost Effective

High Commitment

Solid Team

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Industry Specialisation

 We have extensive experience working with a variety of industry-leading companies and system integrators. We provide our clients with brand messaging, sales collaterals, and campaigns that win their trust and generate opportunities in highly competitive markets.